Mazda 323f GXI 1.5 misfire

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Mazda 323f GXI 1.5 misfire

Poslaťod crowek » 30 Júl 2018, 13:03


I got a 323f 1999 model which is misfiring, kangaroos a lot in low revs and struggles from no revs to 3000 but very good when on high speed. Any ideas? Person I got this from spent a lot of work on this but never managed to fixed the problem. Exhaust was replaced but not the best and a little leak between front and back exhaust joint is not welded well. The spark plugs as well as injectors were replaced recently I'm looking for a coil pack and leads to replace today from local scrap yard but have a feeling it's something else.

Please help.

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Re: Mazda 323f GXI 1.5 misfire

Poslaťod Trax » 30 Júl 2018, 16:15

I think coil replacement will help :shock:
If not, maybe lambda sensor.
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